Las Vegas police reported the arrest of rapper Todd Shaw aka Too Short early this morning 8/27/2009. The Oakland native was arrested for a DUI, possession of marijuana, speeding & exhibition of power (burning rubber or 23109). We want to believe Short was trying to kick off a sideshow or simply drinkin’, smokin’ and getting’ Hyphy. Or maybe was even targeted by Las Vegas Police for being the Pimp that he is. But we think he was more than likely enjoying the Vegas life and trying to get home from a long night of fun. What do you think?

We don’t know what happened. But what we do know is, this is the second time he has been arrested for a DUI in Las Vegas and the second time in three months. In fact back in 1991 Too Short was involved with a head on collision causing a womans death in which Too Short was legally drunk and is still paying the 1 million dollar judgment. We think it’s time for Short Dog to come back to the Town, quit drinking and just smoke some Grand Daddy purple or some OG Kush.! Police are still holding him in a Las Vegas jail.


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  1. Too Short is one of the greatest “GAME” rappers of all time. He was awarded a trophie at the MASTERS PLAYERS BALL which is considered the superbowl of players balls……Good luck to Short!!!!!!


  2. y in da hell would short dog be styll payn on a million dollar settlement for a woman’z death? he a pymp, he should’ve already had dat shyt paid off. hope u free soon homey.

  3. 4real tho they dont know the half short is a legend if squarez could get away wit it i know yung short could we just functioned wit the cuddy in berkeley and in la v.i.p status if they dont know this “get money or get lost” gmgl 4 short he gon bounce back like a ping pong yadadamean all my town brodys keep yall head up when he get out we throwin him a function in da “B-TOWN” waterfront

  4. I still cant believe da “lvpd” got da cuddy we was just had a function in berkeley not 2 long ago and in la doin it big v.i.p status 2 all my town cuddyz keep yo head up yung short gon be back soon u feel me this yo “get money or get lost” nigga t.v. when he get out we throwin a function 4 him in da waterfront u know how real niggaz do it its all on a bitch 2 all yall who dont know who he is personally da cuddy hella humble and down 2 earth so if they got da boy they was on some hater shit “im gone”…..GmGL Boyz

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