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Mac Blast – Operation Nutcracker 2-Disc – CD is now available in the Rapbay shop. Click below to purchase also see below for more info.

operation nutcracker

2010 Hustlanity Mobism Ent
Disc 1:
01. Intro
02. Lock Up – Bird, Shady Nate, Purple, Mac Blast
03. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
04. Mob Lieutenant – Maja Gutter, Mac Bootie
05. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
06. Watch That Nigga – Mac Blast, Shady Nate, Jay Jonah
07. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
08. Its The Mobb – Maxx, J Dubb, Nunu, Maja Gutter
09. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
10. Fuck Wit Us – Shady Nate, Nunu, Maja Gutter, J Dubb
11. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
12. MFL – Shady Nate, S.P., Digga, Maxx, Nunu
13. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
14. Web Boys – Mac Blast, Shady Nate, Jay Jonah
15. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
16. Money, Murder, Power – Purple, Shady Nate, Bird, Digga, Baby D, Maja Gutta

Disc 2:
01. Intro
02. Tycoons – Mac Blast, Mac Bill, Blow, Mac Bootie
03. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
04. Mobb Gone Get You – Shady Nate, Maja Gutter, Miko
05. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
06. The Jets – Shady Nate, Maxx, Nunu, Maja Gutter
07. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
08. Hitt’n Licks – Nunu, Maxx, Maja Gutter
09. Live From The Hole – Mac Blast
10. In The Name Of God – Mac Blast
11. Money Pile Up – J Dubb, Maja Gutter, Nunu, Shady Nate
12. I’ma Get It – Dot Goodie, Purple, Maxx, J Dubb
13. Still Mobbin 4 Weezy – Maxx, Nunu, J Dubb, Shady Nate
14. Hustlanity – Maxx, Shady Nate, Mac Bootie, Miko
15. Body Bags & Toe Tags – Maja Gutter, Maxx, Nunu
16. Stay Solid – Mac Bootie, Shady Nate, Nunu
17. Outro – Mac Blast

Videos from Hustlanity Mobism Ent

Article from KTVU about Operation Nutcracker

OAKLAND, Calif. — Oakland police officials say they believe that a raid conducted by 400 officers from 17 different law enforcement agencies at 34 locations simultaneously early Tuesday has dismantled the worst gang the city has seen in many years.

Lt. Ersie Joyner said he believes it will be “very difficult, if not impossible” for the Acorn drug gang to regain its former power in the wake of today’s raids, which included the arrest of the gang’s leader, 33-year-old Marc Anthony Chandler of Oakland, who is known as “Mac.”

He said that 54 people were arrested and 41 firearms were confiscated in what police called “Operation Nutcracker,” which began three months ago and culminated in Tuesday’s raids.

Joyner said an “ongoing gang violence war” pitting the Acorn group against rival groups Ghost Town and the Lower Bottoms resulted in 37 homicides in West Oakland in the last three years.

Joyner said the Acorn group is “the most violent gang we’ve seen in a long time” so the arrests focused on Acorn instead of the other two gangs.

He said the other two gangs also are engaged in criminal activity, but to a lesser degree.

Joyner said four of the suspects arrested were involved in recent takeover robberies, including those at Milano Restaurant on Grand Avenue and the Red Boy pizza parlor on Leimert Boulevard.

Joyner said those suspects “made an art out of robberies.”

Joyner said there are many reasons why the Acorn gang was involved in an ongoing battle with the other two gangs, but he said “a dispute over a car and a girl culminated in 37 murders in the West Oakland area.”

Tuesday’s raids were given the name “Operation Nutcracker” as a play on the name of the Acorn gang, which is based at the Acorn housing project in West Oakland.

Joyner said that although the raids involved suspects who were considered to be dangerous, the arrests were uneventful, as officers didn’t have to use force and didn’t receive any complaints about their actions.

Oakland Police Chief Wayne Tucker, “Today is a great day for the city of Oakland and the people who live here” because violent gang members have been taken off the streets.

And Tucker said he had a message for other gang members.

Referring to the raids, he said, “We’re going to do more of these.”

In addition to Oakland, the raids were conducted in Alameda, Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, Pinole, Hercules, Antioch, Concord, Vallejo, Fairfield and other sites.

Joyner said Chandler was born and raised in East Oakland but at the age of 14 he moved to the Acorn project and began to “flex his power.”

Joyner said Chandler was involved in dealing drugs and “got people to follow and idolize him and built a reputation.”

Video About the Raid

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