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DVD / CD Review:
by Jessica McCarthy (Posted: 20th August, 2009)

Smoov-E’s latest release Simply Suggestive definitely lives up to his reputation. This live performance DVD and live recorded CD features hot beats, sexy lyrics, and a smooth sound made true from previous albums (Rusty Squeezebox: The Fornicating Cowboy, Sum Yung Girl, Larry Dallas, Long Duck Dong, Assuefatto, Smoov-E, Keep Your Hands Out My Pocket & Confessions.) Simply Suggestive flows with a plethora of crazy characters and instruments throwing new life and flair into some of Smoov’-E’s classic hits.

Your journey into the world of Smoov-E’s Simply Suggestive CD and DVD begins with an 80’s rhythm, causing you to run and grab your dusty Adidas and big ass boom box. Just when you start groovin’ to the 80’s sound, Smoov-E switches it up and he becomes an assortment of fun-loving characters including: an Italian Chef, a Feasting King, a Reporter plus a few others. Smoov-E’s creativeness takes it to the next level by providing himself as his own back-up singer/musical accompaniment. He also plays his own wacky instruments like a typewriter, an old school Casio keyboard, a timer, and many more. The Simply Suggestive CD & DVD provides some re-hashing of old memories with a new flavor. The song “Biscuits” keeps the ride going with Simply Suggestive. The songs take on a whole new meaning when the visual aspect is thrown in. The DVD comes complete with a video for each song including a sprinkling of some extra eye candy for added kick. The CD is the live recording of the DVD performance.

Smoov-E gives you a glimpse into his humorously naughty side with some added mini-skits. For example the song “Biscuits” invites you to touch and play along. Also, the DVD comes intermingled with live concert footage, clips from photo shoots including some lovely ladies that have graced previous album covers. Added bonus of the “Dreamgirl” music video is included as well.

The songs flow so well into one another, you’ll never get a chance to look away. But with all the visual playtoys, you wouldn’t want to anyway. The Simply Suggestive CD or DVD is highly recommended to any loyal Smoov-E fans or any that has not taken the plunge to become a fan. The blends are fresh, tasty and will leave you wanting more. Enjoy!

Interview Questions:

1. What inspired you to do make the Simply Suggestive CD and DVD?

After a mowing through a 30-pack of Bud Lights and a few hot bottles of Sho Chiku Bai, I barreled into my garage with Jay Martinovich to shoot an unplugged version of “Dreamgirl” . Jay was playing the guitar and singing, while I was playing a cigarette and hitting two pieces of metal with a hammer. The video got immediate attention on and inspired me to do an unplugged version of “Long Duck Dong” . I was hooked after that and set out to make a full length DVD of old songs performed live…with the Bud Lights of course.

2. Why did you pick the songs that you did to be the ones you re-made for the album?

The songs I picked were basically a best of Smoov-E compilation. Ranging from album #1-8.

3. How did you pick the characters you used for the songs on the album?

90% of the outfits I chose were straight out of my closet. Im a pretty kinky guy so there’s a good chance you could see me out just cruisin’ the high schools in some of that exact same attire. If you dress like everybody else your gonna get treated like everybody else.

4. Were you ever at a loss for content and threw something in that ended up being perfect?

No. The songs all took extensive practice but things like dance moves and eye gestures were spur of the moment.

5. The sets used in the videos seem to be simple yet don’t need to be explained. Did the ideas for the sets come first and the characters came after or did you pick the sets based off of your characters?

The sets were designed to show case the particular instrument used. Notice the close-ups of the instruments in almost every song. In the hidden track “Listen Girl”, my fishing hat is the focus on the close-up, not the banjo. I scored a DUI in that hat. The cop almost shit himself when he got a load of what was on my head.

6. What made you pick the various instruments used for each song?

I had a list of songs picked for the album and a list of available instruments. After two pints of coffee and some roper, the songs start picking there own instruments.

7. Did already know how to play the various instruments you used or did you have to learn any of them?

Im most comfortable on keyboards and drum programming. The guitar kicks your dick in if your not use to holding and playing it. I got a strap for my ax and took it on a week long drinking binge. I came out of my blackout as the guitar player you see on the video.

8. Did you do everything you wanted to do for this album or did some things get left out?

I wanted to smash around on my drum-set. I also had an accordion piece with vocals, but I put my foot through my kick drum and I lent my squeezebox to a circus midget. That leaves some heat for the next album.

9. What are you planning to do next?

Smoov-E as “Mr. Biscuits”. Its a studio album with ass slapping bass and features from the Bay Area’s best rap artists (Andre Nickatina, Brotha Lynch Hung, Reek Daddy, and Too Short)

10. Did making the videos for these songs give you ideas on making more videos for songs that don’t currently have any?

Not a chance.

11. Is there anything you’d like to shout out to your fans?

Yeah. Cancel your Comcast and pick up an instrument you lazy bastards!

12. What was your favorite part of making this album?

Filming the hidden track “Gina” was wild. I shot it in my living room and while practicing, my married neighbor brought me a cinnamon roll and blow job. What an angel.

Simple Suggestive DVD Teaser

Pictures of Smoov-E

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