Urbanlife Distribution is looking for new record labels, rappers, clothing companies, hats, posters or what ever product you might want Urbanlife or Rapbay.com to sell. Contact this company they can help you.

urbanlife distribution

About UrbanLife Distribution

Our mission is to respectfully and professionally distribute exclusive underground music and related products to the world. At Urbanlife Distribution, we have a true passion for finding the best underground music around. We conduct business with integrity by properly collecting royalties, paying artists fully and fairly for their works.

Urbanlife Distribution was founded in Feburary 2001 in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. For twelve years, Urbanlife Distribution has been specializing in selling CDs to retail outlets across the globe. In 2006, Urbanlife Distribution started to distribute digital products. Today, we distribute over 400 different record labels and have partnerships with iTunes, Amazon, Sprint, Rhapsody, YouTube, MySpace Music, Cricket, Verizon, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS and many other download sites.

We specialize in Bay Area rap, however, we enjoy working with other music genres. Urbanlife Distribution works directly with record labels, rappers, music owners, artists, groups, and more. We are 100% independent.

Urbanlife is a full service digital distribution company that services independent artists and record labels both locally (Bay Area) and nationally. We distribute to all the major download sites, mobile carriers, and streaming services all while partnering with you in promoting your music. We also offer sales of your physical products to independent music retailers. Additionally our sister company, Rapbay.com, is a successful, respected online store and retailer of CD’s, DVD’s, merchandise, clothing, and related music accessories. From digital only releases to sales of CD’s and merchandising we are here to sell, brand, and pay you for sales of your music and/or related products.


urbanlife distribution

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